The Challenge of Emerging Leadership - focusing the September forum on a collective challenge

Where are we at in our journey? What is the collective narrative of the activity that has brought us to the September forum?

In a group engagement, a high level narrative needs to be established to foster any semblance of common understanding. So what is ours?

The metaphor of the snowball is a strong, recurring theme. We clearly are riding a growing wave of momentum that none of us are in control of. Progress has been fantastic - from initial conversations in the community, to the ecosystem mapping exercise, the earlier forum, initiation of working groups - and now we are on the cusp of the second forum.

The story after that is yet to unfold. Do we know what it will look like?

I have tried to learn from others where this snowball is headed after the September forum, but nobody seems to know. Everybody agrees we need to build on our momentum. We agree we need to avoid the limitations of command-and-control leadership. An endless series of forums isn't the answer. And we know we need to reconcile these constraints with the need for some form of follow-up to lead Adelaide's entrepreneurial ecosystem into a bright future.

But we don't know what that action looks like yet.

The action and the conversations we have had so far provide an excellent base. But the leadership that will steward the snowball from here is still emerging.

Thus, our challenge - how can we bring about the leadership that is needed after today?