Looking at other entrepreneurship ecosystems can give us ideas for our own.

Please see the attached article and map on the Sydney Start-Up Map from the online journal StartUp Smart.

Some interesting research has also been undertaken by the team at Boundlss on the startup ecosystem in Perth. Details can be found here.

United Kingdom
The British Government introduced a program to provide StartUp Loans and mentoring to committed people starting new ventures.
From the website:
The Start Up Loans Company is a government funded initiative that provides start up support in the form of a repayable loan together with a business mentor for entrepreneurs across England and Northern Ireland.

Lord Young, Godfather of the scheme, identified that if entrepreneurialism was as entrenched into the British mentality as it is in the United States, we would potentially have 900,000 more jobs across our country. With high unemployment, and the job market in a tough position, self-employment is being seriously considered as a viable career path.


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