The following is a list of actions suggested by participants at the Forum 'Towards a City of Entrepreneurs' on 25 June 2013, in response to the question:

“What four actions need to be embraced in the next 12-24 months in order to advance the Adelaide Entrepreneurial Culture?”

Suggested Actions

Media promote success stories

Virtual web based hub for entrepreneurs that links to the ecosystem map

Mentorship program for aspiring entrepreneurs and students

Quarterly “Investor Panel” in a 2 hour Q & A series of events

Sell the buzz

Recognise our strength

Clear direction on where we are going and set KPI's and milestones

Build networks

Create an Australian entrepreneur fund for Chinese investment with SA Govt.

Put face on the map

Awareness and Trust = Action

Make a video documentary

Higher concentration of practical experience at Universities

Develop an Ecosystem Council with genuine experts

Expand the ecosystem map to understand the system interactions and leverages

Identify ways to maintain and nurture a sustainable system

Go viral - develop a social media campaign

Adelaide as a brand supported by business gov, uni collaboration

Create an Investment fund Adelaide branded

Monthly failure event – entrepreneurs share failures small and large to address culture of “failure is ok”

Gathering of heads of industry (tribal leader) and make this a quarterly meeting

Set up seed fund

Open discussion on fundamental education reform

Start up conference

Facilitate connections that matter

Marketing Adelaide

Angel seed fund educate how

Preparing people to grow companies

Promote pool of heroes

North and South outposts ( Adelaide metro)

Promote the ecosystem

Register and build a community of support

Solving the Capital get or reinvent.

Engage the "big end of town" to use the ecosystem to support innovation.