On 3 September 2013 we held a Towards a City of Entrepreneurs Public Forum at which the various Working Groups reported back to the entrepreneurial community. Participants in the Forum provided feedback to each of the Working Groups.

Participants also looked forward to what Adelaide might look like in 2020 if we were to have a globally recognised entrepreneurial community. The specific challenge that they responded to was:
Create a vision of what your table wants to see in this ecosystem of ours by 2020.

Participants focussed very strongly on the visibility of our entrepreneurial community and its acceptance by the broader community - locally, nationally and internationally. They also concentrated very strongly on having a deeply supportive culture for entrepreneurial endeavour.

In the following table, as much as possible, responses have been filtered into relevant categories. However, there were a number of responses that spanned these category definitions.

Participants were then asked to identify what was needed (by way of resources and enablers or removal of barriers) that would allow them to make a valuable contribution to the growth of the ecosystem.
What do we need in order to make our best contribution to the ecosystem?

Responses have similarly been grouped according to logical categories (as much as possible). Here there was a particularly strong focus on communication, connectivity and a positive culture.


Many participants at the Public Forum made specific pledges to support the Adelaide Entrepreneurial Ecosystem. Details can be found on the Pledge Wall

Comments for future events:
  • More personal stories,
  • more achievements,
  • should be recorded,
  • venue too big and formal