Stakeholder perspectives for a successful Adelaide Startup Community in 2018

The following quotes were taken from sticky notes posted in response to the questions:

What would this stakeholder group want to see in 2018 if Adelaide is well on the way to developing a strong and vibrant entrepreneurial culture?”

“What would they be doing and experiencing in this new culture?”

The thoughts were developed to anticipate the views of seven different stakeholder groups that participate or benefit from the activities of the Adelaide entrepreneurship community.

Stakeholder Group: Entrepreneurs
“ A start up block - a place for start-ups to co-locate in CBD, close to cafes, gyms, training service providers etc. Probably subsidised at start”

“Build strong trusted networks”

“As many High School students start their own businesses on graduation as go to University”

“Recognition for those who are doing something kind or exciting for the community”

“Social impact grants- money for good”

“Adelaide branded as a haven for lifestyle entrepreneurs e.g 4 hour work week compatible”

“Celebrate point of difference”

“No tax for eligible start – ups up to $XX<XXX profit”

“Willingness & flexibility to take risk”

“Successful entrepreneurs give back ... not retire”

“Zero tax federal and state”

“Easier to do business (so much red tape)”

“Visible entrepreneur ecosystem”

“Entrepreneurship as an acceptable career pathway ex High School”

“Entrepreneurship as a subject at High School eg YBL young business leaders, NEED program”

“Talk it up more outside in thinking people east and west sharing That happens in Adelaide”

“Entrepreneur help!!! Facilitate marketing, investor, IP, legal, board etc “

“People aren’t scared to start a company”

“Entrepreneurship is considered as much a viable career path post University as becoming an accountant”

“VC’s and Angels to become more involved in helping start-ups mentoring connections and supports”

“Efficient connections to markets and investment within and outside of Adelaide”

“For individuals wishing to start their own business there’s a really central location for them to answer questions and build capacity”

“Tangible path to scale from < 10 employees to > 100”

Where “tech Stars” want to go to work from all over Australia and the world”

“Increasing density of connections outside in thinking/talking up Adelaide”

“Easy knowledge and access to education and networking sources for whatever business I’m in (lifecycle)”

“Practical learning in University business degrees with internships/practical elements”

“Access to paying customers”

“Somewhere for wantrepreneurs / tire kickers to be helped without poisoning the rest”

“Higher success ratios”

“Free flowing between Universities, business and community of ideas and business opportunities”

Respect from traditional industry that creative good ideas can come from grassroots up”

“Try something new and fail without it being a problem”

“Access to human resources i.e partners/ employees/ contracts”

Stakeholder Group: Program Providers who support entrepreneurs
“A culture of # JFDI”

“ An induction program”

“Adelaide known as an entrepreneurial centre not just a nice place to live”

“New entrepreneur model of start-up. About the slow burn start up for 80% Capital –less”

“Should not be an environment which relies on Government”

“Programs that support global connections/ collaborative networks e.g. via incubators/ accelerators.”

“Mentor ways to earn $$ for contribution”

“Everyone is still smiling about this stuff in 2018”

“Younger people getting interested in High School”

“The door to the ecosystem where entrepreneurs can knock. We must collaborate”

The Adelaide Entrepreneurial ecosystem is the most cohesive and seamlessly coordinated in the world”

“Open innovation cross pollination between different groups - crowd sourcing of ideas c$. focus on market need less focus on being “unique” but perhaps harness steam creative/cultural content “

“ A small network of small business advice centres to inform and advise and to qualify and identify the entrepreneurial ventures”


Stakeholder Group: State Government and Adelaide City Council
“ Collaborative partnerships and relationships between government and entrepreneurs”

“Public engagement with testing ideas at scale along the lines of the ACC/ SA government public jury”

“Adelaide recognised as a great place to start and grow a business - a great City for entrepreneurs”

“Government supportive without being intrusive”

“Government perspective. By 2018 a destination of choice for start-up entrepreneurs because it has the assets and attributes that can help them to flourish”

“From Government – Industry finds it easy to connect with researchers and solve challenges with them and then commercialise the outcomes with support and encouragement”

“Government – supportive of entrepreneurship (not necessarily being the leaders)”

“Public role for government – South Australians are proud of our entrepreneurs and can name 5 people or firms who are innovative/world leading”

“Government – seamless support between Federal, State and Local”

“Funding very early point of failure programs, above this the ecosystem takes over”

“Highly connected community - entrepreneurs, investors and government”

“Government and Council – Innovative user of local technology”

Government and Council – Brand having helped to develop a recognised environment for successful start-ups”

“Maintain good city physical infrastructure”

The Culture
“More diversity and inclusion”

“Clustering – I want to be able to go to a neighbourhood or bar or restaurant and run into 5 entrepreneurs, 2 Angels and a few techies, etc”

“Events that cater to wantrepreneurs”

“Common meeting places to promote open conversations and knowledge sharing”


“Flux, entrepreneurs in/entrepreneurs out – not obsessed with keeping people here.”

“A connected hub of knowledge to direct resources to the best use”

“Openness driven by belief in unlimited opportunity”

“Stopping protection of TURF”

“Building TRUST”

“A culture of boot strapping exists”

“Creative Industry Arts a mechanism/bridge between artists and the entrepreneurial space”

“Adelaide as the most globally connected entrepreneurial community in Australia with international markets for the innovations we are producing”

“Greater sense of trust and collaboration between companies learning from each other for mutual benefit”

“Vibrant artistic scene to fertilise entrepreneurial scene”

"A culture of welcoming newcomers. Programs to support immigrant entrepreneurs linked to visa programs”

"Unique Lifestyle positives of Adelaide”

“Greater promotion of our entrepreneurs at Adelaide Airport”

Stakeholder Group: The Public of South Australia
“Adelaide is an exciting place to be because of booming innovation culture”

“Taxpayer point of view. Adelaide the best example of industry research ( publicly funded) collaboration”

“Need a society that possesses the appropriate culture and values. E.g willingness to accept change. Willingness to value & tolerate failure."

“Responsibility for marketing Adelaide to the world is taken over by the emerging leaders and entrepreneurs who exemplify our desired future”

“Connector bridge between groups/ functions/ programs.”

Stakeholder Group: Investors
“2018 Australian headquarters for Australia’s largest entrepreneurial Fund $1 billion

“Risk taking/ re investment by high net worth groups into SA companies”

“Group to make Adelaide the Australian hub of entrepreneurial support and to make cooperation with Chinese investors”

“Easier tax system regulation”

“A level of self-sustainability Old Collegian network alumni”

“A large growing pool of software engineers engaged in start–ups”

“Rich source of opportunities”

“Global network based in Adelaide but with tentacles everywhere”

“Understanding the difference between idea and opportunity”

“Many investors – successful entrepreneurs reinvesting”

“Successful exit and recycling funds”

“Reasonable valuations on entrepreneur opportunities - not over inflated”

“No dodgy untrusted advisors”

“An efficient screening of deals”

“Experienced and successful entrepreneurs as investors as opposed to rich and wealthy retirees”

“Ecosystem supported and funded by corporates not government”

“Higher risk appetite and better understanding of risk capital”

‘Frequent opportunities for exposure to ideas and people”

“Investors want to come to Adelaide due to the opportunity”

“Connecting philanthropic funds to start up infrastructure – investing in jobs”

Stakeholder Group: Formal Education Providers
“From an education provider perspective a city that attracts and retains the best talent - a city of opportunity, connectedness and success. Culture of entrepreneurship”

“Need more components in education which inspire people to become entrepreneurs and provide some knowledge and skills to enable this”

“Teach entrepreneurship at primary school”

“Cross pollination Industry/University”

“Programs that harness the broader Adelaide entrepreneurship community. Independent but connected”

“More entrepreneurial training in primary schools involving parents as well”

“From a researcher perspective: University tech transfer offices helping not hindering University spinouts”

“World class entrepreneurship University courses”

“World class global companies that are born and bred and based in SA and visible”

“A start up is a possible career”

“Students come to Adelaide because of the opportunities to work at start-ups”

“A magnet for talent”

“Programing as foreign language requirement”

“An innovation leadership brand”

“High % of locals on entrepreneurship courses”

“Opportunities/cultivation of entrepreneurs YK – Y 12”

Stakeholder Group - Larger companies
Using innovative startups to help them develop new products, processes and services.

Drive innovation and improve agility.

Ability to respond to emerging technologies and new business models.

More detail to come ...

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